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- The rights of Nola's Worlds comics books have been acquired by Lerner Publishing Group and are available in english for USA.

2010 - Nola's Worlds 3 has been nominated for the 2009 Bédélys youth awards in Montreal, Canada.

2009 - Nola's Worlds is exposed at the Kyoto's Manga Museum in Japan.

2009 - Nola's Worlds will be adapted into cartoon by the Ellipsanime Studio. This adaptation should be called Phantagoria and totalize 26 episodes of 22 minutes.

2009 - Job Academy will be adapted into cartoon by 2 Minutes Studio. This adaptation is expected to totalize 52 episodes of 7 minutes.

2009 - Nola's Worlds 2 has been nominated for the 2008 Bédélys youth awards in Montreal, Canada.

2008 - Nola's Worlds has been nominated by the General Council of youth Charente for the 2008 best comics awards (France).

2008 - Nola's Worlds has been nominated for best youth album in Lyon Comic Festival (France).

2008 - Alta Donna won the award for best colourist in Lyon Comic Festival (France).


You're a professional script writer, an art director working in entertainment or a publisher?
Contact me here! :)

Email: minikim[at]minikim[dot]net
Phone: (001) 514 524 7417

(Maïté Lajic) was born in 1978 in Sarreguemines, France.
MiniKim has always had a passion for animation and art.

As a kid she drew her own stories using characters from Japanese animation, but not until she was a teenager did she put aside her aspirations for a career in a rock band to devote herself fully to illustration.

She studied animation in Luxembourg, and after several years of jobs in a variety of fields, began working as a Flash animator and children’s book illustrator.
She discovered a love of comics when attending the huge festival at Angoulême in France.

She met author Mathieu Mariolle via the internet, and he offered her the Nola’s Worlds (Alta Donna) project.

With her husband, Game Designer MagicFred, she is the creator of the graphic novel series Job Academy (Glénat).

MiniKim lives in Montreal, Canada.